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Founded in 1997, Hangzhou Hua’an Medical & Health Instruments Co., Ltd is a professional and leading manufacturer for general diagnostic instruments including Digital Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, and Digital Sphygmomanometers etc. Our monthly capacity is about 850,000 units for thermometer and 100,000 units for Sphygmomanometer.
As a high technology enterprise, our R&D department comprises engineers, technicians and designer with abundant experience of optoelectronics, semiconductor and IC design etc.

The use of Siemens servo motors and Siemens motion controllers can provide a stable tension control optimized structure, a convenient online operating system, and can be connected to the Internet of Things. The remote control is based on the main control system, with fewer nodes and higher reliability. Cylinder control The shaft-less active unwinding can be customized according to customer requirements, and a variety of configurations are available.
Customized direct injection and reciprocating meltblown production lines for customers with specifications ranging from 400mm-1600mm. The reciprocating production line can be used not only for the production of meltblown fabrics, but also for the production of liquid filter materials and air filter materials. Liquid filter materials are mostly used in the fields of water treatment, petroleum and chemical industry, with uniform structure, high filtration accuracy, obvious effect, and strong pollution holding capacity and long service life. Air filter materials are mostly used in air purification systems, including but not limited to indoor air purification, automotive air conditioning filtration, etc. It has the advantages of high efficiency and high dust capacity.
High precision, stable center of gravity, high mobility flexibility. The use of normal length measurement and U-shaped measurement makes the data more accurate. The gantry car is controlled by Japanese Panasonic servo motor, with higher stability. Using Keyence integrated system, industrial touch screen control panel, the operation is simpler and more reliable. Measurement data, etc. can be automatically stored in the database to facilitate future data query and traceability of the product.